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Upon Henry’s death, Harold his son, took control of the company, diverting the business from general forging to structural and builders of steelwork.


Henry Troon founded the company in Ballarat Victoria whilst trading as a blacksmith and colonial stove manufacturer for the booming mining population.


Harold senior’s sons, Graeme and Harold Jnr, embarked upon service growth. With trends developing in aluminium products and larger structural steel products, the company transferred to larger premises in Creswick Road, Ballarat.


H. Troon Developments Pty Ltd was established to pursue ownership development opportunities for the group and continues to expand it’s activities.


All operations of the company are under the supervision of fourth generation members of the Troon Family: Ross, Steven and Michael. Graeme Troon remains as chairman of the company with ongoing involvement in day to day management.


The Troon Building Division commenced operation.


Today H. Troon has established itself a builder/developer of various construction projects throughout Australia. Since our expansion into building construction in 1974, H. Troon Pty Ltd has completed many varied projects, particularly along the east coast of Australia. Utilising our fabrication resources located in Ballarat, our skills have been applied to the Construction Warehouse, Sporting Centres, Corporate Offices and Retail Facilities. Design and Project Management are also an integral part of the company’s building activities.

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