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The refined sophistication that radiates from the exterior of High & Spring sets the tone for the building, establishing a framework for everything within. The architectural form of High & Spring draws inspiration from the adjacent parkland and reflects this beauty back in a refined, earthy material palette expressed with a stunning eye for detail.


Further blurring the lines between outside and in, generous cantilevered balconies give the sensation of ‘floating’ towards the park while doing justice to the spectacular views afforded by this premium location. Conceived in a fresh, natural palette of off-form concrete and recycled timber, this thoughtfully-crafted open-air oasis allows you to better enjoy the beauty of nature from the luxury of home.


Abundant in their own right, High & Spring’s living spaces further blur the natural boundaries of the home with layouts crafted to bring the outdoors in. Presented with spectacular natural outlooks over Malvern Gardens, design elements that carefully manipulate the relationship between light and space, and textural surfaces that recall the tactility of the natural world, this is an indoors that never really feels like it.

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